Warm clothes for cold weather

Hi everybody.
In United Kingdom is already  fall for good. This morning when I had my coffee I was looking outside through my window and I was shocked that the wind from last night almost took almost all the leaves from the trees in front of the house. Yesterday they were full of yellow, orange and red color and today they are naked. 😀
This weather and the fact that today is Saturday are good reasons to place a new order for some warm clothes, right? 😀 Seems I do not need too many reasons to spend my money on clothes.
So I found on charmwish good prices and nice clothes for this cold fall.
I saw some nice coats womens  perfect for this season and maybe for early spring.
I like very much this casual printed velvet coat. The leaves print make this coat perfect for fall. Also I like that inside has fur material.
Next coat it is a beige one with leopard print inside and with a large collar. This coat is that one that makes you feel fashion. You just put a pair of black trousers and black blouse, put his coat over and you will look good.
When I saw this V-neck cardigan with long sleeves I said it needs to be mine. It seems so warm, so comfy, I just love it. One of my passions is knitting, so when I saw the material I loved instantly.  It looks very soft and I have a lot of outfits in my mind.
I like vests a lot. I already have four or five in my wardrobe. Right now  I wear one of them. 😀
I love this hooded vest because of pockets and it looks very comfy.  I do not like to have many clothes on me but also I like that my body be warm all the time. I put a blouse, a vest over and I am ready and warm. Perfect!
So if you are looking for trendy clothes for women you should have a look and I am sure you will find what are you looking for.
Best wishes!



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