Maxi dresses for this summer

Hello dear! Although it is late August, temperatures are still high and the autumn shows no signs of wanting to claim the ground too soon. I confess that the optimal temperature for me is around 18-20 degrees. What about you? Because of high temperatures I decided to order some sexy maxi dresses  to enjoy this warm weather.

I like to wear dresses because you just open the wardrobe, chose one dress, put it on you and that is it. You are ready to go. I was looking for dresses on Luvyle. It is a nice site with good prices and free shipping if you spend more than 50.15$.  Also, I like to wear maxi dresses when Fall begins. I take some outerwear over it and  I am feeling warm.

So, here it is some models I like very much.

  • White maxi dress: it has floral print, it is v-neck, and I think it is perfect for summer. Also I would wear it in Spring with a cardigan or when it is Fall with a jacket. Some V-necklace, one bag, one pair of espadrilles and I am gone.

  • White casual maxi dress: alright, seems I have something with white dresses. 😀 I did not notice before, but I think I like white clothes. And this dress is just perfect. I like the splits and the detail around neckline. It makes me think about indian clothes.

  • Printed vintage maxi dress. And the third one is not white. 😀 It is a bomb of colors. I am inlove with this dress.  I will wear it  everyday. It gives me energy only when I look at it.

What do you think about the maxi dresses I choose? Which one do you like more?

If you really want cheap cute clothes check this site. Surely you will find whatever you want.



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