I love hoodies!

Hi there. It is already November, can you believe it? One month left until December is coming, to be more exactly until Santa is coming. 😀 I have a long wish list for him. What about you? Are you ready?

One of the gifts you will never fail when it is about me is a…. hoodie! I LOVE HOODIES! They are just so comfortable and in the same time so chic. I like casual outfits most of the time and what can be more casual than a hoodie?

I think most comfortable hoodies are the one color ones. But sometimes I like a splash of color, a nice design, a colorful print.

I found some nice models of hoodies on holapick. They have good prices and a lot of models.

As I told you, I like one color hoodies… so my first choice is a black one. It is easy to wear it. It is so fluffy and looks so warm! I like the V-neck.

I love animals. All animals. In my house I have cats and dogs so and I saw this grey hoodie with the black paw in the middle I just loved it. Love at first sight. 😀 Sometimes I think about a tattoo with a paw.

When I want to feel more feminine and pretty I like to wear pink clothes. For me it is a color that shows innocence. The hoodie below it is very fluffy, perfect for this cold weather and also I love the big pocket. What color do you like to wear when you want to feel pretty?

Also, I like sexy sweatshirts when I feel more feminine than usual.

Blue color is one of my favorites. I like to wear blue sweatshirts with a pair of jeans or a pair of black trousers.

What about you?

Do you like to wear hoodies?




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