About shapewear and functional lingerie

Hi girls!

Did that ever happen to you to put on a dress for a special event, but the outfit doesn’t look the way you expected? Maybe you wanted a slim waist, a flat belly, but there was no time for diet. I was in this situation and I didn’t feel good at that wedding. I was at the table most of the time especially after I have eaten. 😀

One of my friends told me about shapewear.  I admit that I had never heard of it before so I was curious. I did my research and I was surprised when I found Waistdear and I saw how many options they have.

There are different models  for all types of silhouette to help as many women as possible.

I found bodysuits  with not visible stitches. Now I can wear a tight dress without any problems.

I like the nude color. The material is breathable and comfortable all day long . The high rise offers support for back and posture correction. The shoulder straps are adjustable .

So if you are looking for  best affordable shapewear to make you look better and why not, to keep you warm this winter by layering, this is a good option.

For the moments when I need support only for my belly I like to wear my waist trainer vest with front zipper. Mine is 100% from neoprene. It raise my body temperature and it is promoting my blood circulation. The zipper is high quality and easy wearing. It also has a special wicking fabric as an outer layer for all-day dry and comfort. I work 12h/day and I stay on my feet all day long and sometimes I have back pains. I like to wear this waist trainer because offers good back support and also improves my posture.

If you need back or belly support you will love a waist trainer manufacturers.

You need to pay attention about size. Do not order a smaller size thinking that you will enhance the effect because you will feel uncomfortable  and you want the opposite, right?  Choose the size you usually buy for your clothes.

Also keep in mind that you will not lose weight just because you have shapewear. Their main part is to have an aesthetic outfit.

I am curious if you knew about this functional lingerie and if you wear it.





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