Spring is for new shoes

Hello everybody!  Times goes so fast! In this times, with all this closed stores, I think online shops get richer and richer. 😀 In fact, this is a good thing because it saves you time. Instead of walking in 10 stores for cute sandals   and lose an entire day I spend maximum 1 hour in front of my laptop and in few days I have my order home.  Really, I think this is the future.
I always liked nude sandals because it fits with many of my clothes I already have and I think this nude is and will be in trend for many years ahead. The heels from this pair are perfect for me as I do not like very high and very sharp. I like to be comfortable. What about you?
When I say comfortable I mean it. Believe me! If you showed me few years ago this fish mouth retro sandals I probably would said they are ugly. But now (i think it is because my 30”s are under the corner)  I really like them and for sure I will wear them almost every day. 😀 Look how comfortable they look! I love them!
This blue jeans rope sandals it is perfect to wear with jeans. Bonus, if you are small, your legs will look longer as you have same color on entire leg. Looks very comfy and very pretty.
If you are a vintage shoes lover, here are some models to inspire you:
I like this brown color and the details from this rhinestone beaded wedge sandals.
What about red? This color is about being feminine. Heels are small, that is what makes this pair of sandals perfect to wear a long day without pain.
Actually, on shoessee  shop I can find every model I want. There is diversity, good quality for good prices and really nice models. I never can order only one pair of shoes. They have free shipping over 79$ and always active offers.
What about you? Are you ready for hot weather? Spring is here and summer under the corner. It is time for happy legs. 😀





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