Stay warm this winter

Hello ladies!

Few days left and it is December. Can you believe it? The most wonderful time of the year it is almost here. Yuhuu! Perfect time to wear cool sweaters, to drink hot chocolate, to meet family and to have fun.

If you want to stay comfy, stylish and feminine at the same time, a knitted sweater it is a good choice.

I love the sweaters with a short high collar. They keep me warm and also I think it looks really great. I love to knit so when I see a knitted sweater I pay attention to every detail.  The color is easy to match with your outfit.

The second sweater it is an elegant and sexy one. I like the V-neck and the pattern. The combination between white and gray looks lovely. I would wear this with a pair of blue jeans and a nice necklace.

I like Luvyle because they have such a great diversity, so many models and good quality at good prices.

I love this purple sweater and the cashmere imitation. It is so nice to touch this material. The high collar it is perfect for cold season. The details from the sleeves make this pullover a good choice for a nice outfit.

This black t-shirt it is a classic one. Everyone should have something similar. Simple, but nice.

Also, a white t-shirt it is a must. Everybody looks good in a white one. You can wear it so easy: with jeans or dresses, it will look good.

When it is really cold outside I like to wear cool t-shirts under my sweater. They keep me warm and my skin protected. Also, if I go in a place where is warm, I just take off my sweater and I still look pretty in my t-shirt. What about you? What do you do to keep you warm when you go outside? XOXO!




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