Coats for cold days

Hi dear. How are you?
In this morning I really realize winter is coming. I found my car frozen. All windows were white. I hate when this happen. I almost was late at work. 😀
I was shaking all the way to work. All day I was thinking to order some women’s coats  very warm, very fluffy to keep me warm this winter.
I found clothes for cheap prices, very nice and perfect for cold days.
I found this blue jacket with fur inside, with decorative buttons and with zipper collar. I would like to wear it when I have a casual/sport outfit. I think that would look nice.
When I wear a feminine outfit I like to wear a collarless coat, elegant. I put a bag, a black pair of trousers, a black blouse and I am ready to go. I like this caramel color coat because has elegant buttons, nice neck model and a straight line and seems pretty warm.
Another coat is this beige one with fur inside. I  like that has belt. Also I saw that has big pockets. I love pockets! I will wear this coat with a nice, elegant outfit but also I will dare to wear it with a casual outfit. How about you?
The blue jacket below it is perfect for winter time, It is so fluffy. Has pockets and fur on the neck line. I like this one because is long and I always liked to have a nice long jacket for cold days. It is perfect with jeans. Also I like that waistline is on point.
What about you? Are you ready for winter time? Do you like winter? I need to admit that I am a summer person.
If you are looking for nice and cheap coats I will recommend you to check on Prestarss. They have a lot of models!




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