Tips&tricks: perfect underwear items

Hi everybody! Hope you are all ok with all this crazy Covid-19. Me and my friends are all safe.

You know, here on my blog, almost all my posts are positive, about good life, so today we will speak about something we all love. Can you guess? FASHION! Who doesnt like to buy clothes? I know nobody.  

But what we do to look better in our clothes? This post will give you a few tips & tricks to shine in your beautiful dresses.

  1. Try to wear a sexy lingerie whenever you want. Even if nobody can see it, you know it is there and that will make you feel more sexy and will give you more confidence!
  2. Wear a tummy control underwear if you feel a little bloated or you want to hide some kilos. There are so many models and so many colours.  Years ago that corsets were so uncomfortable and so hard to put in your own body without any help… Thank goodness we live in 2020 and everything is easier now. It takes only 1 minute to put this on you and you also have many benefits: it protects the spine and reduce the back pain.

3. Wear a women waist trainer. I think all girls should have one of this in their wardrobe. Wearing on of this, will make you look better. Pay attention when you buy a waist trainer to be a good quality and to absorb the sweat and also let the skin breathe.

4.  Choose your best bodysuit shapewear. A good bodysuit will hide the trouble parts of your body and will show a sexy curve perfectly. It is just perfect under a sexy dress. Pay attention to be like invisible. You want to look charming and nobody knows your little secret.

5. The last tip and maybe the most important: beyond the chosen dress, underwear and accessories, a wrong posture accentuates the abdomen and the belly.  Always remember to stay straight with the shoulders lift up to the back to attract attention to the neckline and to naturally hide the the excess fat.

Do you have other tips & tricks to look good? Let me know in comments! XOXO!




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