Cheap summer clothes

What crazy times we live in. Coronavirus everywhere. I hate to stay in the queue when I go to shop food or anything else. What a waste of time!
It has been so long since I was to buy something nice for me or for my family.
Summer is almost here. Because I moved to UK last time in September when the weather was already bad enough Here I have mostly warm clothes. I was expecting that shops reopen more soon but they are still closed.
So, obviously, I started to look to order online. And that is how I found Prestarrs. It is a nice store where I found beautiful clothes, perfect for summer and most important: good prices. I spent more than 2 hours looking at that beautiful dresses, t-shirts, shoes, bottoms, cardingans.
More than anything I wanted to have some dresses here. You know, summer, hot weather… what easy is to put a dress on you and be ready to get out, right?
I saw a lot of cheap maxi dresses and it is so hard to buy only what you really need. 😀
I liked very much this polka dot midi dress. It has a V-neck and I think it is perfect for a evening out with friends. Also I saw they have on red too. The reviews from clients who already bought it are good.  What do you  think?
What really attracted me on Prestarss was  cheap summer clothes.
Look at this beautiful cardigan. It is just perfect for beach. It looks so breezy. And the details embroidered from sleeves and on the bottom are so elegant. I imagine how it will look over a swimsuit. Magnificent!
Also I saw a t-shirt with round neck, all black with a red rose embroidered on chest
I like simple clothes, black, white or neutral colours. They fit in so many outfits!
I recommend you to have a look on Prestarss. Surely you will see so many nice clothes.
Bye bye! Xoxo!




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