Cozy clothes means cozy time

Happy new year everybody! I hope you are ok!

Even if we do not had a „White Christmas”, this days in my country (Romania) it started to snow, so we now are enjoying the first days of the real winter with a lot of snow. Because it is so cold outside, I try to be warm all the time so I have to take care about my clothes.

However, I am really happy because I was waiting to wear some beautiful sweaters I had ordered from Luvyle before the Christmas, which arrived before the New Year, just in time, so lets the Winter start!

When I placed the order I was looking for some cozy fashion outerwear and I found an overcoat which is fantastic. It is leopard printed (I always wanted a jacket or something with leopard print) and it is perfect for autumn or warmer winter days. The price is cheap and the quality of the material is very good.

Also I found some cozy fashion sweaters. I tried not to buy everything because they have so many models and so beautiful. And I do not wanted that my budget to suffer to much. 😀

So, I ordered just 2 sweaters and I am inlove with them.

First cozy sweater is all white and it is so soft and sooo fluffy, I can wear it all the time. It is so comfy, like a pyjama. 😀 It is from cotton, is asymetric: short in the front and a little longer in the back. I wore the sweater most of the time with jeans.

The second sweater is a basic one. It is a knitting material, comfy and warm. The color is a beige. I can wear it in so many outfits this winter.

What about you? Do you love cozy clothes? Do you like winter time?





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